Dunk’s Green Evangelical Free Church

From the day it first opened for public worship as a Baptist chapel in 1838, the church in Dunk’s Green has stood firm on the Biblical principles most people associate with ‘low church’ worship: humility, equality and a sense of awe and thankfulness that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”.

The earliest remaining documents date from 1886, when the brick-built school room was opened at the rear of the ragstone chapel building. They reveal that worship at that time was founded on six tenets. It continues founded on the same tenets today:

  • That the Bible is a divinely inspired book and that the Old and New Testaments are of supreme authority in faith and practice.
  • That there is one God, who is revealed to us in his word as ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’.
  • That man’s nature is depraved, and can only be regenerated and sanctified by the agency of the Spirit of God
  • That God became incarnate ion the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. And that by His death upon the cross, the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened up to all believers.
  • That salvation is by grace alone, and that it is the imperative duty of all hearers of the Gospel to believe on the Saviour.
  • And that there will be a resurrection of the dead, small and great, when all men shall be judged according to the deeds done in the body.

The purpose of Dunk’s Green Free Church is simple: to preach Christ Jesus – God’s perfect solution for all man’s problems and imperfections. All are welcome to join us as we meet for worship every Sunday morning at 10.30, or for an informal Bible-study on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 (God willing).

For further details, please contact our Minister, Mr Chris Pateman, on 07968 131709 or go to our website www.dunkschurch.org.