Mike Brewin

Special Responsibilities: Planning (Group Leader)

After having retired from the Metropolitan Police Civil Staff after 37 years service I decided to become involved with the Plaxtol community. Having been a frequent visitor to Plaxtol I was aware of the welcoming yet busy community spirit and finally decided to move here in 2007. I immediately became involved with the Plaxtol Players and many of you will probably remember me through my occasional appearances. Doubtless I have rubbed shoulders with some of you at various village fetes and functions and I’m sure most of you know my partner Anne who is also active in the village with W.I. and other interests.In 2011 I was persuaded to stand for election to the Parish Council and to my utter astonishment was duly elected. Since then I have been busy with my colleagues in looking after the community’s best interests including a campaign to clean up the streets of dog fouling and preparation of an emergency plan.I think we are privileged to live in such a beautiful village and I along with my colleagues hope to do our very best to protect the Plaxtol way of life and its traditions.

Special Responsibilities: Planning (Group Leader)

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (MB)